My name is Lance and I’m a nerd. Don’t worry. I’m not offended by such a “derogatory” term. In fact, it is fully justified and maybe even flattering. After all, I am known to wear a pocket protector.

After years of providing networking services to Fortune 500 companies, I find it more than just a little refreshing to now be in the service of smaller companies and even residential customers.

  • Do you have a retail business and your customers go to a competitor simply because it provides the Wi-Fi the public has come to expect? Nerd Networking can correct that – without compromising the security of your own business network.
  • Have a new computer to setup? Lance can do that – and migrate the data from your old system.
  • Do you live in a rural area and are ready to enter the “broadband age”? Yep, Nerd Networking can do that – for less than you may think.
  • Fear losing years of data? Lance can setup a backup system to ensure the integrity of your data.
  • Do you want to sell online? Nerd Networking can get you up and running.
  • Is your computer sick? Maybe a virus or two has infected your system. Lance has the antidote.
  • Want to start a blog or podcast? Again, Nerd Networking can help.

To assist in getting your creative juices flowing, over the next few months I will be adding examples of technologies to this site.

But maybe you already have some “flow”.  What do you want connected? The possibilities are nearly endless. Contact Nerd Networking to put those juices to work for you.